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A few tips for your best shampoo session

Today, we will be talking about the right steps to follow for an effective and non-aggressive shampoo. Before we start, please remember that you do not need to shampoo every single day or even every other day. Little by little, you can skip days and with time, your scalp will regulate the secretion of sebum on its own. Also, you do not need large amounts of shampoo even if you have long hair. An amount the size of a 1€ or 2€ coin is enough for an entire head. That is because shampoo is not really for your hair but mostly for your scalp. Now let’s begin.

Start on wet hair. Pour the desired amount of shampoo in your hands; rub them together once or twice. Then distribute the product onto your wet scalp.

Massage your scalp gently with the pads of your fingers. (DO NOT scratch your scalp with your nails. It will irritate your skin.)

Let the foam run down your hair to pick up potential dirt and dust. There is no need to apply shampoo directly to your hair, unless you have done an oil treatment or a pre-shampoo mud mask. In that case, reapply the same amount of shampoo, rub your hands together, and smooth the product down your hair, from roots to tips. (DO NOT rub your hair together as if you were cleaning a piece of cloth. This will damage your hair by lifting the cuticles and causing tangles.)

If, for one reason or another, your hair is very dirty and the shampoo you are using is very mild, you can repeat once. If you are using a stronger kind of shampoo and still wish to shampoo twice, do not apply the same shampoo. Move on to something milder. Strong shampoos will strip your hair and make it dry.

The purpose of a shampoo is to remove excess oil and dead skin from your scalp and to get rid of the dust and pollution that naturally settles in it. No need to go overboard. 🙂


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