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Christmas party: How to keep your updo all night

Around Christmas time, you get these invitations to Christmas parties; sometimes with family, sometimes with friends, sometimes with crazy friends and you know there will be some mad dancing involved. If for such a party, you have decided to go for an updo, these tips will help you keep your beautiful looks throughout the night.


Do not work with first day hair

If you want your hair to hold, it should not be squeaky clean. Shampoo your hair the day before (or even two days before, depending on how greasy your hair gets). Of course, at a party, you do want clean and good smelling hair but you do not want it super fresh.


Do not use a very slippery conditioner

As a rule, we believe you should avoid silicones altogether. But if you have not given up on them yet, at least on that day, avoid them completely. If you do not know if your conditioner has silicones in it, check the INCI list and look for words ending in –cone and –xane.

Also, do not use a leave in conditioner, unless you have very curly to afro-textured hair or unless your hair is very dry and it badly needs additional moisture.


Use dry shampoo

Even if your hair is clean, dry shampoo can be useful. It will help create volume and the clays in it will give the hair that anti-slippery feeling that is very useful when bunning. (Only use this technique on straight to wavy hair).


Backcomb with care

Teasing and backcombing a section of hair, on which you will build up the whole updo is a very practical technique. But backcombing means lifting up the cuticles, it should not be done extensively. If you decide to do it, it will help you put pins in with much more ease.


Curl your hair

Give your hair some texture, either with curls or any other technique that makes your hair different from very straight.


Use bobby pins

In addition to using regular hairpins, you absolutely need bobby pins if you want your hair to stay in an updo all night, even if you dance. Bobby pins will actually secure your hair, when regular hair pins will only push it in place.

A tip with bobby pins, cross them to make them more secure; especially if you have thick, and/or voluminous hair.


Avoid strict looking buns

If you know you are going to sweat or move a lot, you might want to go for a messy bun instead of a very strict bun like the French roll. That way, when it moves a little out of place, it will not be so noticeable.


What about you? What are your tips? If you found these tips useful, please share them with a friend.

Dance all night in an updo.

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