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When some people’s unhappiness is someone else’s business

For once, today, we are going on a little rant on this journal. It is all because of a little sentence; one of these successions of words that have no importance when apart but become very disturbing once they follow each others.

Thursday October 1st, at the dinner table: creamy pumpkin soup and oven grilled camembert toasts to celebrate this fresh summer evening. In the background, the evening edition of the news on France 2 with David Pujadas. The news is made of what we already know; sad, incoherent… Caricatures of the worst of the American south put a smile on our faces as they explain that global warming is the work of God, not of man. And all of a sudden, the TV host says… “What if global warming was actually an opportunity?”


Then it starts. A piece on the “positive aspects” of global warming. You must understand, you know. It is now possible to grow oats in Greenland. Right! Let us rejoice, now. Let’s forget about COP21 and conferences on climate change and pollution. We will soon be able to grow tropical fruits at the Poles. That is a wonderful opportunity for business, right there.

Forgotten is the melting of the icebergs in that very same Greenland, which causes sea levels to rise in other parts of the world. In that report, it is but a detail. We used to go by car. Now there’s no more ice so we take the boat.


The chickens are no longer cold. A farmer explains that she can now grow turnips, carrots and cabbage.

Then comes the glamour shot, with beautiful images of the aurora borealis and the perfect looking natural spots of Greenland.

Nothing is said of the climate refugees. Nothing is said of the dikes in the Pacific islands that must constantly be rebuilt. You see, it does not matter… because the chickens in Greenland are less cold…

Sadness takes me over… I turn off the television.

— Kendy

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