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How to get exactly what you want for Christmas?

It might be safe to say that everyone knows what it is like to receive something they don’t want as a gift. Picture your birthday or Christmas (or really, any special day for you). You know you are going to receive a present. And you are so excited. You see that beautiful box and your heart starts pounding.


You open the box and… suddenly, the magic bubble in your mind just pops. And for a few seconds, it’s just crickets. You are so disappointed, you don’t know what to say.

Well, this year, let’s avoid that.

This is how to get the present(s) you want for Christmas.

Option 1 : Say it

Be straightforward. “Hey baby, have you seen this? It looks like a great Christmas gift.”

No begging, no fussing and no disappointment. Ideal when the people around you do not respond well to allusions.

Option 2 : The wishlist

Prepare a wishlist. It is great: very clear but also very subtle if you want it to be. You write down the things you want for Christmas and you just… “forget” the list in the kitchen or on the bed or really, wherever you know it will be read.

But the best version of the wishlist is the digital one. Your loved ones can go straight from your online wishlist to the e-shop and purchase the present from there. They do not need to remember names and brands and links. It is all right there.

Pinterest boards are great for that. First, pin the things you like on a “wishlist” or “holiday” Pinterest board. 2 Don’t forget to leave your computer open so it can be seen… Work on your wishlist, then leave the house for an hour or two. Give your family the time to check it out and maybe purchase from there. Remember, this option is only as subtle as you want it to be.

Option 3 : Buy it

Yes, that might be cheating. But at least you will have something you absolutely like. That is the option to go for if:

  • You really want to treat yourself. You feel you deserve some self-indulgence.
  • You feel like your loved ones are not taking the hints.
  • You are not sure they understood and you do not like surprises.

Either way, it does work. Besides, you can still hope that your loved ones will give you something that is further down on your list.

OPTIONS 4 to 6

Pin the graphic below to share this page with your family and friends. It will subtly let them know you have a wishlist of your own… Just saying…


What are your own tips for getting the gifts you want for Christmas? What is on your wishlist?

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