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4 easy everyday tips for thin hair

Most clients with thin hair who come into a hair salon only talk about volume and thickness. Of course. We all want what we cannot have. But in this very case, it is not completely out of reach. Here are 4 tips for women with thin hair who would like to avoid the stringy, the bodiless or the flat hair look.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Stay clear of 2 in 1 shampoos from the supermarket. They tend to be loaded with coating agents that not only do not benefit your hair but can weigh it down. As a matter of fact, you should stay clear of silicones in general for that reason.

Not all silicones are created equal: some are heavier than others. We, of course, are biased. We are against silicones in general. Avoiding them altogether will make things either for you. To spot them: in the list of ingredients, look for words ending in –cone and –xane.

Hair drying

Leaving your hair to dry naturally will give you the best results: preferably overnight in braids or any other style that will bring texture to your hair.

If you are pressed with time, drying your hair with a hair drier will unfortunately play against you. The residual heat after the use of a hair drier will tend to make your hair limp. You actually need colder air to “fix” your strands in place. So first, dry your hair and then blast it on the cold setting to get rid of the heat.

Styling products

Avoid gels. They will give you that dreaded stringy (and greasy) look. Instead, use a spray or a mousse to add structure to your hairstyle instead of weighing on it.

Hair styling

If you have short to mid-length hair, here is a good way to style it:

  • Take a seat
  • Bring your head down and throw your hair over
  • With one hand, crunch your roots to lift them
  • With the other, blast your hair on the cold setting of the drier

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