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An organic, green and ethical Christmas gift

The Christmas spirit has discretely made its way to our minds these last two weeks. Some people have already started looking for the perfect Christmas gift. And like every year, others will wait till December 24th to find a last minute Xmas gift.

In order to satisfy all shopping addicts, we have decided to open our Christmas shop from November 15th till December 25th included. As we open the shop, you will discover our special offers and our Christmas beauty boxes. Just a little more patience… 🙂

Those who already know our products know that with Antonin .B, you will be gifting yourself (or someone else) products that are eco-conscious and that support very human projects.

All year long, we strive to bring together nature, science and ethics in order to create quality products. Around Christmas, the socially-aware aspect of our philosophy is even more important.

The Ceramides Enriched Desert Serum is our most socially engaged organic and eco-conscious gift; and we are currently working on a very tasty partnership… That being said, we would like to know about your ideas and desires for a better 2015 Christmas experience.

Please feel free to fill out the contact form on this page in order to tell us more (or leave a comment below).

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