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A little something of Christmas before Halloween

This year, Paris turned cold and gray in the blink of an eye. The weather might have helped awaken the Christmas spirit before its time. Halloween is today and we know that people will go out trick or treating with their children and they will enjoy it. That’s for certain. But this year, there is something different. It feels like people are eager to get to the happier time of the year: the Holidays.

Some people are already looking for presents; not necessarily purchasing yet, but definitely looking. Perhaps was last year a bit too dark. Therefore today, in 2016, we feel the need to make up for it. We want to bring joy and holiday pleasures a little bit ahead of time… take back what was stolen from us.

So… we do not decorate yet. We do not sing yet. But we start shopping for candles. We DIY our centerpieces for the dinner table. We make lists with our loved ones in mind. We are slowly moving in that direction and preparing for this moment to be a warm and fabulous one.

Join us on November 15th as we start our own preparation and celebration.


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