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7 tips to grow healthier and longer hair (1 of 2)

Let’s say it right away before going any further. This is not a compilation of the 7 craziest ideas that are getting viral on the web. Neither it is about miracle growth recipes and other cheap tricks.

Today we are talking about 7 tips to take great care of your hair and allow it to grow to its maximum length in the best possible conditions.

If you are dreaming about long hair but have never achieved your goals, please read ahead. Perhaps you have missed something.


It is not necessary to shampoo your hair every single day. Progressively space out your shampoos, with the help of dry shampoos or by simply giving your hair a rinse in the shower.

At the beginning, your hair will feel a bit greasy. But with time, you will see that your scalp will adapt the production of sebum to your new schedule.

When shampooing, use a small amount of product, which you will apply directly to the scalp. Massage the scalp with the pad of your fingers (avoid scratching it with your nails) and do not rub your hair together. Instead, bring the foam down on the length of the hair.

Apply shampoo twice if necessary.


Ideally, detangle your hair when it is damp. It will detangle with more ease. Especially if you have curly, frizzy or afro-textured hair.

If you have hair that is very curly or afro, only detangle your hair when it is damp and with an oil or a detangling product (which you can leave on your hair a few minutes before). Avoid detangling your hair when it is soaking wet. It might break too easily.


Alternate between moisturizing treatments and strengthening treatments.

On one hand, moisturizing and nourishing treatments will bring softness to the hair. These treatments are essential for healthy hair (especially as deep conditioning treatments). On the other hand, although they are indispensable, they are not enough.

Strengthening treatments are also necessary to reinforce the damaged parts of the hair (damaged by the elements, hair styling tools, chemical treatments, etc).

If you decide to only apply moisturizing treatments, you might end up with that extra soft kind of hair: i.e. hair that is soft and very well moisturized but without any body or texture, which can easily be damaged when exposed to the elements.

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