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Wise words from a mother

Life has its ups and downs. It feels silly to even say it but it is just one of those simple truths of life. Sometimes, things do not work out exactly as planned. Sometimes, they can even turn into something hurtful.

I am about to get a little bit personal here but it’s okay. Some people believe that Antonin .B is this huge brand/business. In a way, it is very flattering. It means that the work is indeed professional and the value the products deliver is up there with those older brands that have more means. As the founder of the brand, I do appreciate that a lot.

However, it is important to know that Antonin .B is a family financed brand. Pretty much everything is done in-house and requires A LOT of work. Sometimes, the results do not match the amount of work and that can hurt personally, as the effort is just as personal.

But in every little failure or obstacle, there must be a lesson. To me, that’s the only way to stay hopeful.

One of those down days happened this summer. It was crushing and there didn’t seem to be a lesson to be learned, which made it harder. It was just life being unfair. But just 2 days later, something really nice happened in the wake of that misfortune. And my mom said something to me, something only an island woman would say, it seems: “What you lost in the fire, you gained in the ashes.”

Such beauty. Such poetry. Such wisdom. And I want to share it.

Sometimes, when a project burns down and crumbles, sift through the ashes, you might find something valuable there.



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