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Our philosophy

Our philosophy closely resembles our family history. We are the melting pot. We are bridges between worlds. As we connect seemingly opposing spaces, we create one that is our own.


Antonin .B brings together the love of purely natural traditions with the modern desire for innovation and maximum efficiency.


We understand that you want products that work and we mean to provide them to you, by selecting high quality ingredients and following an important set of rules:

  • Formulas packed with active ingredients
  • 100% of ingredients sourced from nature
  • High concentration of organic ingredients
  • An emphasis on ethics and solidarity
  • Green science that respects everyone’s integrity
  • No GMOs
  • Pure ingredients with extraction processes that preserve their quality
  • No protected or endangered species
  • No animal testing (not even on the ingredients, not even through third parties),
  • Formulations that focus as much on the beauty of your hair as its health.

We believe that you can have everything: significant results, pleasant scents, science and nature.

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