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Among the natural ingredients used by Antonin .B, the one with the most impact on the lives of farmers is the organic desert date oil. The desert date tree grows on the edge of the Sahel desert. The oil produced with its fruits, which is used in the Ceramides Enriched Desert Serum, comes from an initiative to promote the many uses of this tree in Burkina Faso.

Our supplier is a French non-profit organization which works hand in hand with a local African group to collect the dates that will turn into oil.

The fruits are picked by families. When each family has gathered enough fruits to fill up a truck, the local coordinators, which have been trained by the non-profit, take care of the logistics. Each bag is weighed and paid to the family.

Still in Burkina Faso, women remove the pulp from the seeds by soaking them in water and making fair use of elbow grease. Afterwards, they manually sort the seeds. The pulp is used to feed livestock and the seeds are sent to the factory, to be pressed.

Initially, the seeds were shipped to France for the extraction of the oil. Recently, the organization has implemented the production of oil locally by acquiring a press and training local workers. A godsend for this poor and arid region because today, the desert date tree brings jobs and revenue to local communities.

The organization also builds desert date nurseries in order to plant more trees in defense against desertification. Local players are trained to care for these nurseries in line with the principles and requirements of organic farming. Two of these nurseries are associated with schools and have an educational purpose.

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