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Older, wiser: a different kind of sexy

Today, I was reading an article by Melo entitled “Getting old sucks”. The title comes out as a bit of a shock. It started with a picture she posted on Instagram from when she was 18 and for which she received a lot of compliments; making her realize that people seemed to prefer the way she looked then as opposed to the way she looks now. The article can be found here:

It moved something in me. It brought me back to that girl (no, not a woman, a girl) in her early twenties, starting to realize that maybe (just maybe) she was not as ugly as she thought she was. But still, it was a time of doubts and with a lot of self-learning to do.

A few years, a few pounds and a lot more knowledge later, it is a good thing to be able to look at the past and not be submerged with regrets because, for one, it is absolutely useless. But, instead, it is great to realize that life keeps moving. And that is not (or at least, should not be) a scary thing.

In her article, Melo explains that she now knows who she is which makes her a confident and strong person. That is phenomenal; not just as that abstract notion of accepting oneself but also in practical terms. What you look like is like everything else on this earth, it will keep changing with time. However, the core of who you are remains and it will evolve with every experience you have.

Once you have that self-knowledge in place, there is not much you have to worry about, at least not on a deeper level. It does not forbid you to like the shallow things but you can go on in life just being you and pursuing the more important things that bring meaning and pleasure to your existence.

May twenty-something girls read this, so they can enjoy EVERY aspect of their twenty-something life.


What do you think? Does this remind you of your own life? Please leave us a comment below or reply on Twitter with the hashtags #AntoninB #Twenties

If you know of any girl in her twenties, you should share this and Melo’s article with her. She will appreciate it (and so will we).

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