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A look at the children we once were

In the world of cosmetics, we sometimes forget what beauty products are for. Too often, we want to change and hide when we should soothe and enhance.

It is a vision that pretty much describes our relationship to our own beauty. We want to correct ourselves, to format ourselves in some way in order to fit into a mold. This we learned very (too) early; from the first few years of our learning of life.

One day, on a blog, comes Carole, a Pin-up… French and organic at that. She promotes self-love as THE foundation of beauty and well-being. The concept is tempting but seems a bit overrrated. Everyone talks about it but no one really knows what self-love is.

But she comes up with an idea: what if you could treat yourself as if you had in front of you the child that you once were.

At this point, you cannot help but think about this child: eyes full of dreams, and fears too; but above all, for a little girl, the desire to look like Mommy… to be just as beautiful, repeating her gestures to become like her in every way.

And then we realize that we have actually repeated every gesture, but also every word… every look she had on herself. We have absorbed and accepted all this for ourselves.

Of course, women are not the only ones with this poisoned heritage. That story can be told in the masculine voice. However, it much less touches on that search for aesthetic perfection that we find in women.

Man or woman, why not spare a few minutes for self-acceptance every day?

Maybe when waking up; that moment that outlines the rest of the day. Could we take ourselves out of bed by the hand? Maintain ourselves in a moment of peace, even just for a quiet breakfast time? Set a kind look upon ourselves when we pick our outfit or do our hair…

When a piece of garment does not fit a child, we switch it. That’s it. No questions. No criticism. Let’s try to remember that we were that child and that, whatever our age today, we are still entitled to that tolerance.

Does Carole‘s vision resonate with you? What would you say today to the child you once were?

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