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What is green beauty? Organic, natural, clean beauty in question

The word green applied to any other word at all automatically implies respect for the environment, or at least proximity to nature. So we all have a rough picture in our minds of what green beauty is.

But what exactly is the difference between “green beauty”, “clean beauty”, “natural beauty” and “organic beauty”? Which is what? And most of all, which is better?

Technically, at this point, none of these terms is actually defined by law. We are therefore free to give them any definition we like. This makes it heaven for greenwashers who love to exploit the grayness of the law.

However, as users and creators of a healthier kind of beauty, we have started to organize and have found common ground.

Clean beauty is usually used as an umbrella term that mostly refers to health, i.e. the use of products that are non-toxic and not harmful, whether they are natural or not.

Green and natural beauty tend to refer to products that are sourced from natural ingredients, although not necessarily exclusively. There can be a low percentage of synthetic ingredients (that are safe and healthy).

Organic beauty uses natural and organic ingredients. Just like natural beauty products, organic ones can have a low percentage of non-toxic synthetic ingredients.

The highest standard is the organic one. But as you may imagine, it does not stop there. It would be way too easy.

It is best to know your ingredients and check the INCI list, as well as the percentage of organic ingredients in the product.

If this feels tedious (and no one could blame you), you can choose to rely on known experts in the field who already do the work for you. Otherwise, you can also decide to only purchase certified organic products.

The word “organic” on its own has no law behind it but when a product is “certified organic” it means that a certification agency or association has verified all its ingredients according to specific regulations. That way, you do not have to take a company’s word for it.

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