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Our name

The .B in our name stands for Bourguignon. We are an old family from the American islands born from men and women coming from Europe, Africa and the Americas, with roots deeply planted in the Caribbean islands since the beginning of colonization, in the 17th century.


There are many people we could honor in the family, including quite a few strong women, but there is a little something about Antonin.


Antonin (Grégoire Antonin Cyrille André Bourguignon) was born a free mixed child in the early 19th century, in the most segregated culture. As a man, he found love three times—every time, with a former slave.


With his family’s status further diminished by the skin tone of his children, he faced difficulties and had to fight in court to keep our last name alive. And before he passed away, he led another personal fight. He made sure he had purchased for every one of his children (boys AND girls) a place where they could live close to each other and where they could be financially independent.


Our family still lives on these very green lands today.

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