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How to keep your beauty resolutions this year?

Every year, in January, New Year resolutions keep popping up in your social media feeds, don’t they? Perhaps you have joined the movement as well. You get excited. You feel motivated; and then, at the end of January, maybe you go back to delete that tweet or unpublish that post with your resolutions list… as if to eliminate the proof.

This year, it will not happen. We will help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions with these 6 tips!

Don’t be too ambitious

We tend to get carried away in our excitement over the presents, the champagne and all the deliciousness we get to enjoy during the holidays; so we shoot for the stars with our resolutions. Unfortunately, that is why we often fail. It is much wiser to set smaller, easier to reach goals in order to be successful.

Ex: It is unrealistic to wish for waist-length hair by the end of the year, when your usual growth rate is 1cm per month and you are starting with a short bob. Instead, consider the reality of the process and make smaller, intermediate goals.

Don’t make a resolution. Make a plan.

In order to make our goals a reality, it is important to make them precise and practical. That way, they are not just a concept. They become attainable. For instance, if your goal is to start a healthy, natural hair journey, try to be specific. You can decide which techniques you will implement, which products you will be trying out, and buy some of them now. Suddenly, it is no longer just a goal. It is a process that is already based in reality.

Set positive goals

Too many New Year’s resolutions are created based on negativity (wanting to get rid of something, turning away from a bad habit, etc.). Instead of trying to get rid of our weaknesses, we should be setting goals based on our strengths. That way, when we work on our resolutions, we are not focused on what we hate about ourselves but more concerned with actually enjoying our lives.

Create new habits… gradually

If you color your hair every 6 weeks, it might not be a good idea to decide you will not do it ever again. Instead, you may want to start by having it done every 8 weeks, then 10, etc. And perhaps look for alternative, less harsh ways of doing what you like. You have to enjoy it otherwise you risk not succeeding and feeling guilty about it.

It is okay to slip

Do not beat yourself up over a slip. Making a mistake does not make you unworthy of your end goal. It is not the end of the world and your goal is still valid.

So, if you used a flat iron before an evening out when you had promised yourself you would not touch it for the whole month, well… too bad. It’s done. Go enjoy that date. You can still get back to your ideal regimen without a problem. It is a goal, not prison.

Trick your brain

It is a good idea to set only one main goal at once and, as explained earlier, to divide it into smaller intermediate goals. Along the way, prepare some rewards for yourself when you reach these mini objectives. Little failures discourage us but positive reinforcement does the exact opposite. Trick that brain and feed it with some positivity.

What about you? What are your goals for the new year (beauty and otherwise)? How are you planning to reach them? How do you stick to them?

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