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Green beauty gift sets

Antonin .B has prepared for you a few gift ideas for Christmas: 3 beauty sets mainly composed of our certified eco-conscious and organic eco-chic cosmetics. Whether you purchase them for someone or decide to get them for yourself, you never have to feel guilty, as they are cruelty free and socially conscious.

If one of these gift sets appeals to you, feel free to pin it onto your Pinterest account. It will let your loved ones know quite clearly what is on your mind for Christmas this year.

Organic, fair trade chocolate

In order to make this Christmas more enjoyable, we have teamed with a chocolatier. And we have decided to introduce you to chocolate made of cacao from around the world.

The master chocolatier we have selected creates chocolate from one recipe with cacao beans of two different origins. Instead of mixing them, he makes different bars with different beans so we can compare the aromas as in an exquisite and fine duel. Every gift set that is purchased comes with a complimentary chocolate duo.


Not enough time today ?

Come back later. We will contact you before the gift sets run out. They are limited editions.

You are in !