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Kendy Bourguignon Sencée

I was born and raised on a beautiful archipelago of green and blue, in the shape of a butterfly resting over the Caribbean Sea.

From an early age, my siblings and I were taught that we could rely on nature for almost everything. Every weekend, my mother and her mother would take us to their family’s lands deep in the countryside. We would walk, pick fruits, listen to their stories and we would always come home with fresh wild herbs that Mom would teach us to use for everyday concerns.

Breaking with my natural roots

After graduating from high school at age 17, I moved to Los Angeles, on my own. With the closest family member almost 4000 miles away (6000km), my link to nature was broken. Nothing changed when I moved to Paris a couple of years later. I was under the impression that, in order to live a natural life, you had to be in a natural environment that cities just did not provide.


Joining the world of hair

During my studies, I approached the hairdressing world; first as a model, then I quickly left the catwalk to work backstage and I gradually got more invested.

Hairdressing is a beautiful world filled with wonderful creators and people who have a passion for making others feel better about themselves. But it has its down sides too. People do not look at ingredients. Understandably, they simply trust the makers and only focus on their part of the work; and some people get sick from the toxic products they touch and inhale all day.

As a young woman with the driest, frizziest curls you have ever seen, I was made to believe that silky straight hair is right and toxic relaxers were a rite of passage into womanhood. I gave in and I was wrong.


Reconnecting with myself

The true rite of passage into womanhood was to embrace and celebrate every part of myself.

I met other young women who were embracing their natural texture and they inspired me to do the same. But I went much further and made quite a few things healthier in my life.


Creating Antonin .B

As I reconnected with myself, I brought together my passion for hair and my long loving relationship with nature to create Antonin .B – a brand that celebrates the best in nature and the modernity of city life.

Like the Roman god Janus with his two faces, Antonin .B looks at the past to pay homage to those who taught me so much but it also stares directly at the future – because as long as we have our foundations and values, we look to the future with no fear but with enthusiasm and confidence.


— Kendy Bourguignon Sencée

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