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Desert Serum

The ingredients list for the Ceramides enriched Desert date serum actually reads like a high end facial serum. This blend from Antonin B is exceptionally light.

A clean and healthy ingredient list and maximum efficiency! This treatment is perfect for taking care of curls and lengths.

This Serum is very well absorbed by the hair and does not leave a greasy feel. The hair is soft, light and there are no more knots.

I noticed effects on shine and frizz after the very first use and with time on the texture of the hair. My hair is thicker, stronger and remains light.

Intense Honey Butter

This moisturizing and nourishing butter creates a silky effect. The bonus: a beautiful texture and a winning packaging. I recommend it.
Anne Ghesquière, Féminin Bio

Ideal for dry ends and hair that needs to be nourished, which particularly likes vegetable butters and oils.

I just use the tiniest smidgen to rub between my palms and into [my] ends. It’s just enough to jazz up my ‘do in a few seconds without any horrible sticky feeling you’ll find in conventional product.

I’ve used it as a mask before showering by leaving it in my hair 15 minutes and my hair dries looking healthier and smoother.


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